Dubois, WY...established 1914 or earlier?

When was Dubois, WY founded? That's a tricky question that I think about. Often. And, as you can see on some of our products...I can't figure out a definite answer to that. 

On the one hand- the hand that's in favor of 1914- the town was incorporated in 1914. Well, so there we have it. Incorporation date should be the date to go by. Where's the confusion? Right? Wrong. 

If we chose 1914, then we are ignoring a HUGE part of Dubois history- and this is where that pesky "other hand" comes in. Butch Cassidy roamed these hills, had a ranch and even banked at Welty's in 1890. Oh right...Welty's! You see, Welty's was established in 1889 in a log cabin just outside of town. A general store was built in 1897 and acquired by Frank A. Welty in 1898. (This is the current location of Welty's which is still in existence and a great place to shop!)

St. Thomas Episcopal Church was established in Dubois in 1910, four years before the town incorporated.   

CM Ranch, named after Charles Moore, was started in 1907 and is still in existence (and a really fun time!) today! 

Union Pass was named in 1808. 

And, if all of that doesn't convince you that Dubois was around before 1914, I present my final argument: in 1889 the town applied to obtain a Post Office with the name of Neversweat. The Postal Commission denied the chosen name and instead named the town after the Postal Commissioner, Fred Dubois. The people revolted by choosing to pronounce the name in the way that rhymed with Cowboys. 

So, when was Dubois established? 1914 or earlier? I choose to think that at the very least, 1889 is a more accurate date- when Welty's and the Post Office were established. So, if you see some items in our store with the date 1889, that's why! 

What do you think? 

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