All My Exes Live in Texas- Aimee Gilchrist
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All My Exes Live in Texas- Aimee Gilchrist

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Helen Harding never meant to end up in the small town of Birdwell, Texas. It was just supposed to be a quick detour on the journey to her new life. Helen tells herself that she just wants to sell her newly inherited house so she can donate the money and get out of town without a heap of guilt. And when Crowe Appliances comes to town looking to build a factory, Helen has a prime opportunity to sell them her house as well as see them create jobs for hundreds of down on their luck Birdwellians.


That is until the head of Crowe Appliances ends up dead.


Worse, the body is found in a classic convertible owned by Aodhagan MacFarley-sheriff, answer man, mayor, and Helen's sometimes partner-in-crime solving. Now the police have their eye on Aodhagen, Helen is once again stuck in town, and a murderer is on the loose. Now it's up to Helen to find out the truth while trying to keep Aodhagan out of prison... before the killer decides to take Helen out of Birdwell permanently!

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