Barnyard Flops Dog Toys - Big Moo
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Barnyard Flops Dog Toys - Big Moo

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Big Moo is stuffed in the top and bottom, floppy in the middle, and squeaky in the head... And she's fortified with Micro Mesh. She's a barnyard charmer! Featuring Big Moo, Roo, and Horace! These Barnyard Flops will stand up to whatever your dog dishes out. They're tough softies - designed to flop and whack your pup about the head as they're shaken silly... Very entertaining if you're a dog! I

11.5" H x 6"W

Squeaker included

Super floppy and great for shaking

Stuffed in the top and bottom with an unstuffed floppy middle

Fortified with Micro Mesh to add strength

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