Cookie Famous
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Cookie Famous

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Nicolette Hayes has always been her brother’s quirky, artsy shadow. Just when she’s found her calling as a cookie artist, Rio is injured in an accident that threatens to end his career. So Nicolette puts a once in a lifetime opportunity on hold to go home and do what she’s always done: put her brother’s dreams first.

While his best friend’s pro hockey career took off, Matthew Collins lost his scholarship and his dreams--not to mention his best friend. He’s never forgiven those responsible for costing him everything, and still wants nothing to do with hockey. Just because Rio is home and hurt doesn’t mean Matthew is going to forgive and forget.

When old tensions ignite, Nicolette believes Matthew is the key to her brother’s healing. But the passion between a driven sister and her former crush creates more drama than peace. With their hearts and futures on the line, the only solution may be to become cookie famous.

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