Glazed Lemon Cookies Medium Pillar Candle
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Glazed Lemon Cookies Medium Pillar Candle

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This candle smells just like tangy lemon cookies with a sugary glaze. Enjoy the scent without any of the calories. Or...go ahead...make a batch and doubly enjoy. 

The hands-on attention to detail guarantees the highest quality candles for you.  All of these super scented candles are made with premium ingredients for a long, clean burn.  Keep wicks trimmed and candles out of drafts for the best results. Never pour hot wax down a drain. Candle artisans hand pour super scented wax into the molds, hand apply the wax icing to give each pillar candle a unique texture, and package each one with care, tying a homespun fabric bow on top. Enjoy the true to life aromas!

Burn time is 80 hours

4.25 x 3.25 inches

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