Gypsy Vanner Stallion | Realistic Plastic Toy
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Gypsy Vanner Stallion | Realistic Plastic Toy

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The relatively recent discovery of the Gypsy Vanner horse surprised horse aficionados worldwide. Hidden among the byways of England, gypsies had worked for generations to breed the ideal horse for pulling their caravans, and the gorgeous Gypsy Vanner is the result of those efforts.

Scientific Name: Equus caballus

Characteristics: If horses held a beauty pageant, the Gypsy Vanner might win, and this figure shows why. Stark colors, a long, flowing mane and tail, and abundant feathering create a magnificent creature.

Size and Color: In a standing pose, this Gypsy Vanner is 4½ inches long and 4¼ inches tall, about the size of a CD case. Its black and white coloring is typical for the breed.

This toy is non-toxic and BPA free.

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