Mug in a Gift Box- Camilla
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Mug in a Gift Box- Camilla

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Camilla the Cat is Lillian the cow's best friend on the ranch. Originally, Camilla's owners thought she would be a run-of-the-mill mouser. But, when they found her performing Juliette to a pudgy mouse's Romeo, they decided to give up on their mouse-free dreams. Now Camilla spends her days lounging in the sun (when she's not in the barn changing costumes, of course) performing one-act plays with Lillian. The two will obviously share a fourth floor walk-up studio apartment in NYC when they make their way East. 

Camilla's mug holds 13.5 ounces because she can't hold a single ounce less than Lillian. Not that they're in competition. 

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