Shot Down Capital Crimes of Casper
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Shot Down Capital Crimes of Casper

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Read about Casper's wild, sometimes lurid, frontier days: the hanging, the beautiful and bad dance hall queen, the adulteries, murders, crimes of passion, a lynching, barroom brawls. 

Meet the colorful characters and criminal elements from Casper's past. Notorious dance hall owner Lou Polk; Black Dogae Lee, Polk's partner in business and pleasure who cut off her nose and then vanished without a trace; Marshall Bill Hodge, who shot an unarmed cowboy; Dr. Joseph Benton, who tried to perform a postmortem on a still living patient and later died in a jailhouse fire set by his own hand; Joel Hurt, a Casper businessman who was acquitted after murdering young Billy Milne for having an affair with his wife; George Edwards who killed two men in unrelated incidents to protect his wife's virtue; and more.

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