Happy 2021

I like to start every new year out as a fresh slate with a word or couple of words to set my intentions and goals for the year to come. Last year was "happy", which people may think ironically the opposite happened. It was a tough year to be sure. BUT...it wasn't all bad, right? First, I was quarantined with my husband and my kid, which meant lots of quality time together. We played games, watched movies and TV shows, took naps. Just hung out. It was actually pretty nice to have us all home and not super stressed from our daily grinds. Of course, I recognize (and appreciate!!) that we came from a place where we were able to do so without added stress. We still were able to work from home and none of us or our friends or family were directly impacted healthwise from Covid. 

We also moved full-time to Wyoming which made us extremely happy! All three of us love being here. Yes, it's hard to be away from our family. And, we didn't get to say goodbye in person to any friends and most of our families. (My mom and dad would risk death itself to see us and hug us goodbye, so we were able to see them.) 

And thanks to the locals and tourists who still came through the shop while respecting social distancing, we had a better year than we thought we would. We appreciate each and every person who came to the shop, whether they bought something or not. I just love meeting people, chatting, listening and interacting regardless. And with the launch of our website, we appreciate people we don't know face-to-face shopping with us! And we hope you do drop a note so we can get to know you from afar. 

Now for 2021's intention <drum roll> it's the word "now". See what I did there? <Insert pity laugh at my bad pun here> I'm the queen of procrastination. I'll do the dishes later. I'll flip through that catalog later. I'll dust the shelves tomorrow. I'll reach out to that friend next week. And one of the worst: I read a text or email, put down my phone thinking I'll respond in a little bit...and then forget. Forget voice memo. I need thought to phone memo. Or...maybe not. My mind if a hyperactive scary place. But this year I'm going to focus on now. Start eating healthy now. Play with my kid now. Call that friend now. Tell the hubs that I appreciate him helping at the store even when he has a full-time job now

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we don't know what's going to happen. The uncertainty of the future was always looming, but 2020 put that uncertainty in our faces and made us deal with it. So I'm going to make 2021 the year of NOW! 

What would your word or words be for 2021? Leave a comment and let me know. I'm always interested in what you all have to say! 


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